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19 Jan

Borrow for Christmas, then we’ll help you Consolidate from Christmas Borrowing!


Posted by: Sean Binkley

So, unfortunately I didn’t take a picture before the holidays of this local credit union sign – but it did read “Need Money for Christmas – come see us!” Obviously promoting taking out a line of credit or loan and thus borrowing for holiday shopping. Interestingly enough, the same credit union after Christmas changes their sign to this – “Christmas Debt, We can Help!” Unbelievable – the same people that put you into unnecessary debt for Christmas, now want you to come to them for a consolidation loan. This is the type of behaviour that has to stop. The “Stuff Debt” is what can get out of control. Watch your credit cards, unsecured debt, car loans, etc. if you are borrowing on credit to buy a non-appreciating asset, think twice – especially if it’s for Christmas shopping.